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While the decision for pregnancy termination is fraught with questions, most are pretty clear what they want. In cases where a woman wishes to end her pregnancy early, she has an option of choosing to abort by abortion pills. Research shows that the overall rate of women using abortion pills has increased considerably in the recent years and stands shoulder-to-shoulder with surgical methods in rate. Education about medical abortion, easy access, and usage are cited as major reasons for this development. All medication provided by this site is FDA approved.

Available in more than 60 countries, there is a variety of choice for abortion pills, which may vary in administration and dosage, however, they are more or less similar in efficacy and results. One of the most given reasons by women who buy abortion pills is because it avoids invasive surgery and ensures privacy.

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Product Reviews
by Kiera
24 Apr 2018

I was concerned regarding the use of abortion pill as I had doubts whether abortion pills will be safe or not. On one of my friend's advice, I purchased mifepristone pills from your site and the result was good.Thanks.

by Marilyn J. Hernandez
23 Apr 2018

You guys are the best! I could abort my 8 weeks pregnancy using your medication. I thought it would be impossible to do it with the budget that I had. but it did happen! thanks a ton.

by Hildred R. Hill
20 Apr 2018

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your medicines surprisingly worked. I was only 4 weeks pregnant so thought of ending the pregnancy through medical abortion, if it fails I would have gone to surgical anyway but I reassured that I have aborted my pregnancy!

by Lisa
20 Apr 2018

I purchased an abortion pill pack yesterday from this site. The payment procedure was simple. Did not involve too many complications. Awaiting my medicines.

Disclaimer is committed in providing affordable medicines to all of our customers, and we do so by offering our products throughout the globe. The information provided here is based on the timely updated scientific evidence about medical abortion. Our team is always ready for your assistance, reachable at your finger tips, and supports round-the-clock. gives access to high quality and FDA approved abortion medicines. We offer services that are safe, convenient, confidential, and free from judgment and stigma.