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Abortion Pill (Mtp Kit)
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MTP Kit is an abortion pills kit containing two medications Mifepristone and Misoprostol and used for medical termination of pregnancy without the need of anesthesia or surgery. It is the easiest and safest ways of terminating an early pregnancy. These kit helps in completing the abortive procedure without compromising the users privacy as they can be conveniently used at home. Women worldwide order MTP Kit online putting their trust into this FDA approved product.

200mg/0.2mg (Abortion Pill (Mtp Kit))
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How is the MTP Kit made available?

An MTP [ Medical termination of pregnancy] kit contains a duo of medication necessarily required to end a conception which has not matured past 10 weeks.

The prescribed amount needed to safely end the pregnancy is one tablet of Mifepristone [200mg] and four tablets of Misoprostol [800 mcg] is included in the blister pack of the kit.

How to administer MTP Kit?

Here is what you do

  • Swallow one tablet of Mifepristone
  • Wait for 24 48 hours
  • Administer four tablets of Misoprostol [ 200 mcg-each] buccally (in the cheek pouches) and keep them there until they dissolve naturally for at least 30 minutes. Afterwards you can drink water and swallow the residue of the tablets.

If you vomit the medication before 30-45 minutes and see the medication regurgitated, then its advised to take another dosage.

How does the MTP Kit cancel pregnancy?

When the first pill Mifepristone is swallowed, as per its nature, it constricts the progesterone receptor. As this hormone is responsible in initiating an endometrium lining that connects the embryonic cells to the womb. Due to non-existent progesterone, the pregnancy tissues come undone.

With the help of Misoprostol (an ecbolic medication) this detached tissues are flushed out of the system by the uterine contractions caused by the pills.

What are the safety measures to be followed while taking MTP?

  • Use MTP Kit only if the pregnancy has not passed further than 10 weeks, i.e. 70 days
  • Properly follow the regimen instructions for better results
  • Dont combine the pills with alcohol/ smoking or contraceptive pills
  • Do not use in case of allergy to the contents of the medication
  • Do not use while IUD in pace, it must be removed prior to the procedure
  • Do consume it with grapefruit or its juice
  • The medication should not be taken by those having heart/liver/kidney problem
  • Women having porphyria, anemia, adrenal problem, asthma or hemorrhagic problem should consult a doctor or avoid medical abortion.

Possible Side effects

Expected side effects Stomach cramps and vaginal bleeding are the expected effects of medical abortion

Unexpected side effects This effects occur discriminately

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Heavy bleeding

This side effects can easily be countered by using anti-emetic, anti-inflammatory medications and blood coagulants.

After care

Make sure to have a clinical visit and have an ultra-sound to confirm that the abortion was completed successfully. The pregnancy hormone hCG is not completely gone from the body until four weeks after termination. Therefore, it is necessary to take a pregnancy test after four weeks to know accurate results.

Teresa Raine

Must appreciate that this site truly worked out for me. In the beginning, I was a bit scared regarding the fake website and all. But then I began getting abortion side effects soon following an implementation of an MTP pills and now I have terminated the pregnancy. Now, I am completely cured.Thank you so much, the team. You are doing really good work.

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Ethelene Selby

I have always been pro-choice of womens right to decide about her decision regarding her body. I actually felt more comfortable buying MTP kit from here, luckily, I got an attractive discount offer on this festive season. They respected my decision and didnt ask me embarrassing questions or judge me. I have seen women get harassed by protestors on their way to clinics, but this source saved me from that situation. Comparatively, Ill say getting abortion pills online is, much convenient and easier than for clinics. I believe you are doing great service to women who are too poor to afford medication at clinics. Abortion pill MTP kit totally took the edge off me. I pushed out the pregnancy within 10 days.

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Kathryn G. Cochran

I shocked when I got that I am 6 weeks pregnant. I started to get panic attacks also faced nightmares too. I was not even able to accept that situation. As it was totally accidentally, I was not prepared, not yet at least. So, I started to search on the web about the solutions. Even I tried so many remedies at home but all are worthless. I checked, still, it was giving me the positive result of my pregnancy. By recommendation of my friend, I landed up here and found that this source sells an FDA approved tablets for abortion. I read all the instructions carefully and decide to put the faith on it and I ordered a single MTP kit from this site. Luckily, I got the product on time and had a successful termination without facing any side effects. Thank you so much, guys. It was a big-time lifesaver.

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Duane A. Fitz, Australia

It was tragic for me and my girlfriend when we got that she is 8 weeks pregnant. We were definitely not prepared for it so we immediately consulted our family Gynec. He suggested us to go for the abortion pills rather than medical abortion, as my wife's body was not able to adorn such things. Recommended by him, we found this source. In starting, we scared about the trust and privacy but as we needed the pills badly, we ordered. And must say, they shipped quickly to us and its customer support service was damn comfortable and available when we needed. Thank you guys for the support, you saved our lives. Now, she is totally cured!

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Kim Sundström, London

I purchased MTP unit yet was experiencing difficulty making a global exchange through Moneygram. As anybody would, I reached live talk, feeling that it was purposeless, yet they got me extremely well and helped all through my installment method. I couldn't have done it without your help! Much obliged to you.

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