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Termination of Pregnancy results into less child suffering

Termination of Pregnancy results into less child suffering
Indirectly, it is impossible to say that every pregnancy is a bed of roses. A female who is pregnant might have many complications. A few fetuses have serious disorders, which may cause the future child to face hardships or have a painful life; some may even include problems that will lead to death

21 Sep 2017

Tips For Having A Quick Recovery After Medical Abortion

Tips For Having A Quick Recovery After Medical Abortion
After an uncomplicated pregnancy termination, there is a certain time period your body takes to heal itself. The recovery procedure is different for different women and will depend upon the gestation age when the pregnancy was terminated, the physical condition of the woman etc. While most wome

12 Jul 2017

5 Tips To Help Your Friend Who’s Having A Pregnancy Termination

5 Tips To Help Your Friend Who’s Having A Pregnancy Termination
Pregnancy Termination support is not, basically, about how you as a person feel regarding the procedures with abortion pills pack and what you did do in that situation; it’s about supporting your friend throug

27 Jun 2017

World Wide Shipping Of Abortion Pills

Abortion Pill (Mtp Kit)

Abortion Pill (Mtp Kit)
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MTP Kit is an abortion pills kit containing two medications Mifepristone and Misoprostol and used for medical termination of pregnancy without the need of anesthesia or surgery. It is the easiest and safest ways of terminating an early pregnancy. These kit helps in completing the abortive procedure without compromising the users privacy as they can be conveniently used at home. Women worldwide order MTP Kit online putting their trust into this FDA approved product.

200mg/0.2mg (Abortion Pill (Mtp Kit))
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How is the MTP Kit made available?

An MTP [ Medical termination of pregnancy] kit contains a duo of medication necessarily required to end a conception which has not matured past 10 weeks.

The prescribed amount needed to safely end the pregnancy is one tablet of Mifepristone [200mg] and four tablets of Misoprostol [800 mcg] is included in the blister pack of the kit.

How to administer MTP Kit?

Here is what you do

  • Swallow one tablet of Mifepristone
  • Wait for 24 48 hours
  • Administer four tablets of Misoprostol [ 200 mcg-each] buccally (in the cheek pouches) and keep them there until they dissolve naturally for at least 30 minutes. Afterwards you can drink water and swallow the residue of the tablets.

If you vomit the medication before 30-45 minutes and see the medication regurgitated, then its advised to take another dosage.

How does the MTP Kit cancel pregnancy?

When the first pill Mifepristone is swallowed, as per its nature, it constricts the progesterone receptor. As this hormone is responsible in initiating an endometrium lining that connects the embryonic cells to the womb. Due to non-existent progesterone, the pregnancy tissues come undone.

With the help of Misoprostol (an ecbolic medication) this detached tissues are flushed out of the system by the uterine contractions caused by the pills.

What are the safety measures to be followed while taking MTP?

  • Use MTP Kit only if the pregnancy has not passed further than 10 weeks, i.e. 70 days
  • Properly follow the regimen instructions for better results
  • Dont combine the pills with alcohol/ smoking or contraceptive pills
  • Do not use in case of allergy to the contents of the medication
  • Do not use while IUD in pace, it must be removed prior to the procedure
  • Do consume it with grapefruit or its juice
  • The medication should not be taken by those having heart/liver/kidney problem
  • Women having porphyria, anemia, adrenal problem, asthma or hemorrhagic problem should consult a doctor or avoid medical abortion.

Possible Side effects

Expected side effects Stomach cramps and vaginal bleeding are the expected effects of medical abortion

Unexpected side effects This effects occur discriminately

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Heavy bleeding

This side effects can easily be countered by using anti-emetic, anti-inflammatory medications and blood coagulants.

After care

Make sure to have a clinical visit and have an ultra-sound to confirm that the abortion was completed successfully. The pregnancy hormone hCG is not completely gone from the body until four weeks after termination. Therefore, it is necessary to take a pregnancy test after four weeks to know accurate results.

Smith Jennifer

I have done abortion for the first time with MTP Kit drug to cease my 5 weeks pregnancy. What was worth is the fastest delivery of the kit, minimal side effects like normal fever and bleeding, and no complications to health anyways. And have recovered pretty quickly. Over all, experience was comfortable and safe as compared to what I had expected !!

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Eleanor D. Poss

I had ordered one MTP Kit, and I bled right enough to discharge pregnancy blobs. Later to two weeks, the bleeding reduced. I had the signs fading, prompting me to go for a checkup. The lady over there said I was all well without pregnancy. Thank you folks for the MTP Kit.

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Martina Sinclair

I was in my 9th week of pregnancy, so i needed the pills asap. I contacted this website and they promised me quick delivery with overnight shipping. Did the payment and the parcel was with me in 2 days. The abortion went well too, aside from light crampsings i feel fine.

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Josie Lee

Abortion was painful with MTP Kit, but I guess getting the pregnant parts out is not as easy as eating food. I was prepared for the fact that I would get some cramps in my stomach, just did not have anything like this before. Coming to the pills, yes they worked well, and did what it is meant for within a dozen of days.

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Caitylyn steele

I bought MTP kit but was having trouble making international transaction via Moneygram. As anyone would, I contacted live chat, thinking that it was futile, but they received me really well and helped all throughout my payment procedure. I couldnt have done it without your assistance! Thank you.

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