Termination of Pregnancy results into less child suffering

Indirectly, it is impossible to say that every pregnancy is a bed of roses. A female who is pregnant might have many complications. A few fetuses have serious disorders, which may cause the future child to face hardships or have a painful life; some may even include problems that will lead to death of the baby after a short and painful life.

Apart from this, financial problem can also be one of the reasons to abort pregnancy as it can make the future of the child devastating. In such cases, pregnancy termination is the best option for females. Medicines are the safest and quick method of terminating the pregnancy. Females can also terminate their pregnancy medically at home, for that you need to buy abortion pill online which are available at website drug store.

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Issues about physical condition:

Abortion is done due to a range of serious health disorders which are very severe. An embryo with such disorders must be aborted as it results a number of complications in the pregnancy that might cause death not only of a baby but also mother. Some of these disorders are as follows:

Limb-body wall complex- Here, the organs are seen growing outside the body. It is very horrifying and still it occurs.

  • Anencephaly- In this type of disorder the brain of a child is missing.
  • Mental health- Pregnant women who are psychologically ill, for them it is difficult to raise a child and also are incapable to look after themselves during and after the pregnancy.
  • Nutritionally deprived mothers- Malnourished mothers cannot carry their pregnancy healthily which can cause risk to child’s life.

Keep in mind, the cause of pregnancy do not just end in childbirth. Females have to suffer many issues like physical pain, risks of childbirth, etc. When a mother has health risks, the baby also has to go through the same pain.

Economically Unstable:

Some females are financial backward. They might feel that giving birth to a baby may ruin the child’s future. She won’t be able to give all that is needed for a baby to grow and live painless life. There can be a number of reasons for this like the mother can be a single mother, problems from husband, divorce, unemployed, etc. She is not just financially but also emotionally and socially tied to her baby for rest of the life once he/she is born and vice versa. Once the child comes in the world, he/she has to face the sufferings his/her mother faces.

In order to tackle all the above health and financial issues, ending pregnancy is the best solution. A female herself has the right to choose whether she is willing to give birth to infant or do abortion. She shouldn’t be burden by society, religious, and moral opinions of philosophers or even state leaders to take her decision.  It is her alone right to choose whether to go through the pain or not, as she is the only one who suffers. Medication abortion is the safest, fastest, and quickest method to skip unwanted pregnancy. Some internet pharmacies offer abortion pill online at an inexpensive price.

Tips For Having A Quick Recovery After Medical Abortion


Tips for having a quick recovery after medical abortionAfter an uncomplicated pregnancy termination, there is a certain time period your body takes to heal itself. The recovery procedure is different for different women and will depend upon the gestation age when the pregnancy was terminated, the physical condition of the woman etc. While most women recover within few days, others take few weeks. Nevertheless, there are certain things you can do to make your recovery quicker and easy.

If you have had pregnancy terminated with home abortion kit, here are a few things you can do to make your recovery smoother.

  1. Good diet to recover faster

There are certain food stuffs you can add in your diet to make your recovery quicker. These foods include red meat, whole grains, dairy foods, vegetables and fruits as well as iron rich foods like seafood and leafy vegetables [ spinach] etc. These foods are great in replenishing the lost blood during the procedure, which is more so, since you bleed especially heavily after taking the early abortion pill.

Just like there are foods that are good for you after pregnancy termination, there are foods that you must avoid. These include- sugary/ sweet foods, soy products, high-fat dairy products and meat, low-fiber starches as well as junk food etc.

  1. Intercourse and infection after pregnancy termination

Intercourse after aborting is strictly advised against whether it be after surgery or by medication. Nevertheless, if you had a pregnancy termination with abortion pill kit, the bleeding is much more heavy compared to surgery and takes much more time as well.

Further, the mifepristone pill is responsible for widening and softening the cervix for easy passage of the detached conception parts. Even if it takes weeks for your periods to back to normal, your ovulation cycle goes back to normal right after termination.

Due to all these reasons your body is at a vulnerable stage after a termination of pregnancy. Therefore, it is very easy to get pregnant or infection right away after termination. Thus any penetrative activity sexual or otherwise must be avoided for at least two weeks after abortion.

  1. Contraception advice after abortion

Speaking about pregnancy, you must be fully prepared to avoid further pregnancy after abortion. Use contraception immediately after your pregnancy termination. If you have been using combined contraceptive pills like Ovral G, start taking them a day after your treatment. You don’t have to wait for the bleeding to stop or for the first menstrual cycle to return.

  1. Exercise after abortion

Do not exercise for at least two weeks after pregnancy termination. Exercises like swimming, going to the gym, team sports, heavy physical work or horse rising can increase bleeding. Do not engage in heavy lifting, if you have children, try not carry them for at least first few days after abortion- particularly up and down the stairs.

  1. Washing after termination of pregnancy

It is advised to avoid baths or shower following 24 hours after taking the pills, as the procedure can leave your dizzy and make you faint. If you are bleeding heavily, shower instead of using bath. Avoid using heavily scented soaps or Dettol around your genital area to avoid irritation or infection.


5 Tips To Help Your Friend Who’s Having A Pregnancy Termination

Tips To help friend for pregnancy termination

Pregnancy Termination support is not, basically, about how you as a person feel regarding the procedures with abortion pills pack and what you did do in that situation; it’s about supporting your friend through a potentially turbulent period. You might not have lots of open discussions about what abortion looks like or feel like physically and emotionally, thus it can be hard to know what to expect or how to navigate it.

The good news is that there are very simple ways to help friends when they are making this decision for their own wellbeing and health. You can substantive practical help, offer real, along with emotional support.

  • Keep your views out of it:

Pregnancy Termination is a controversial issue, however now is really not the time to have a dispute about it. If your friend has made her choice, don’t attempt to converse or disgrace her out of it; respect her decisions and her body, even if they don’t match up to your own. (I know this is very difficult for some people, however it’s likely to love and sustain somebody even if you don’t support their choices.)

  • Try not to have expectations about how she will feel:

Moreover, your expectation regarding pregnancy termination is it from MTP Kit or surgery, whatsoever will not be helpful either.  You may anticipate her to be crying on her bed, or to be setting up an appointment without thinking regarding it; moreover, she is under no compulsion to conform to your thoughts about what getting a pregnancy termination is supposed to be like.

  • Listen:

Now is the period to let her confess her grief and her worry, to be the sounding board for her nervousness and usually offer you as a helpful ear. Do not tell her that she’s definitely not ready or she’d have been a terrible mother, still if it’s what you feel, which is not your call to make.

  • Offer Transportation & Practical help:

Pregnancy Terminations with abortion pill kit are both practical undertakings and about emotional feelings. What can you do to make the experience easier for her in a practical sense? You can travel the bus with her; assist her in-scheduling time off for the meeting, way from her work, and stay in the waiting room, or catch a cab for her afterwards. You can help her find the money for the process and opt between providers.

This practical help is also about finding useful and real info concerning the procedure and what will happen after.  There are a lot of scare story regarding the abortion and pregnancy out there, and it’s necessary for anybody making the decision to know the realities of abortion process.

  • Provide emotional help without forcing her:

Rule one with people going through extremely hard things; do not make them converse about it. If she wants to separate herself afterwards, permit her to take that space. Give her permission and space to be sad, self-critical, and upset; don’t force her to behave usually to serve your requirements, or tell her to move on a try to get over it. This heavy stuff and will likely have emotional consequences, although everyone will convey them in different ways.

Whether you hear regarding it afterwards and beforehand, give her lots of potential to express whatever she wants to say about it and how she feels. And don’t feel out of the loop if she didn’t tell you regarding it ahead of time; a number people do best in these circumstances as single actors, and then reach out subsequently.

What To Do If I Am In Pain After My Abortion With Pills


What to do if i am in pain after my abortion with pillsFeeling discomfort after pregnancy termination by medication is normal. You will experience contractions type of pain as well as cramping while you are expelling the pregnancy. This can last for several hours and in some cases, it may even last several days, until the conception tissues have passed. Although many women pass the pregnancy in 24-48 hours, some can take up to 2 weeks after taking the abortion pills.

After taking Misoprostol Tablets [ second dosage]

You will experience bleeding and cramping, even though this might not happen straight away. It is very necessary that you use sanitary pads and not tampons to avoid infection.

  • You will be recommended to take pain relief in the form of either Ibuprofen or paracetamol. You can apply a warm water bottle or a warm pad to your abdomen if this makes you more comfortable.
  • You are advised not to take Aspirin
  • The abdominal cramps may get stronger; this, however, is the normal part of the abortion process.
  • Most times the pregnancy is passed into the toilet, so you may not see it particularly, as it may only appear as a blood clot.
  • Bleeding may get heavier and you may pass blood clots. This is typically at the time you will begin to lose your pregnancy.
  • After taking misoprostol pills you will experience some side effects such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and chills. The onset of these symptoms can begin fairly soon after taking the medications. Therefore, if you are doing this at a clinic, you need to plan your journey home. On the other hand, if you are doing this at home, make sure you have everything you need with you.
  • Once the pregnancy has passed, the bleeding decreases and becomes akin to a slightly heavier period. It may continue to be quite heavy for at least a day or two, as the uterus needs to contract and return to its normal size. It the heavy bleeding prolongs more than two days, or if you soak two or more pads in two hours or more, please immediately call for medical attention.
  • Once you have taken both the medication from the MTP abortion kit and the pregnancy has passed the pain will stop momentarily. However, as pregnancy hormones start to decrease during the next ten days, the pain will return as the uterus shrinks back to its original size. This pain may be fluctuating or be constant for anywhere up to two weeks.

In all the above cases you may do the following –

  1. Painkillers–Take pain killers which you can purchase over the counter. If you buy abortion pill pack online, you may receive the painkiller in the pack itself with abortive meds.
  2. Heat – place a hot water bottle or a warm heating pad on the lower abdominal area, which can help with pain relief. Nevertheless, make sure you don’t place the bottle or the heating pad directly on the skin so that you can avoid getting burned. Also, make a note to avoid baths and take shower instead of after medical abortion.
  3. Distraction – Have someone to talk with you to distract you from discomfort

The Advantages Of Having Abortion With Pills


Every medical treatment is fraught with some complications and some advantages, depending upon the feasibility to alternative remedies and user. It is the preference of the patient, to what type of procedure will suit his/ her needs is the best kind of therapy chosen. Just like that, women can buy abortion pills to have a termination of pregnancy at home by themselves or at a clinic.

There are several advantages for a woman if she decides to have the pregnancy terminated by abortion pills compared to surgical or other invasive procedure, below are some of them.

Advantages of medical abortion

It is not surprising to know, that now, a number of women choosing to terminate the pregnancy by medication are neck to neck with those seeking surgical procedures. As more awareness about abortion pills, Mifepristone and Misoprostol is spread, the earlier women are seeking to abort medically.

Let us see why women are taking abortion pill rather than surgery for ending an early pregnancy.

  1. You terminate early

With abortion pills, you can terminate the pregnancy as soon as you find it. On the other hand, a surgical abortion can only be done when the pregnancy has matured fast 6 to 7 weeks of gestation. Women can use abortion pills till the 10th weeks of gestation. Pregnancy gets complicated as it progresses, so it is better to have it terminated sooner than later.

  1. Privacy

While there are who access abortive services at a reproductive care clinic, there are women who buy abortion pills online and get them delivered at home.  In such cases, there is no need to go to a clinic for getting the medication. The woman can even take the abortion by herself as per standard FDA approved protocols. Since the widespread use of the internet, the regimen, dosage, and other relevant information can easily be found online.

  1. Safety

The efficacy rate of an MTP kit [ abortion pills] is 96-97%. In fact, World Health Organization listed Mifepristone and Misoprostol as ‘essential medicines for women’s health’.Another reason why medical pregnancy termination is considered safe is that it is done in the very initial stage which is the safest.

  1. At-Home procedure

While the woman can choose to have the medical procedure at the clinic, she can also choose to do it by herself at home. Of course, she can always rely on her partner or a friend, just in case she needs one. Since the abortion procedure is not too complicated, it can be done at home by just following instructions.

  1. Easy access

Since the reducing number of abortive care providers in the states due to anti-choice interference, medical abortion is the easiest to access comparatively. Meanwhile, abortion can be bought online or at reproductive care centers and is thus easier to access.

  1. Cost effective

The medical abortion almost as costly as surgical abortion. Nevertheless, the misoprostol pill price on online pharmacies where many access, the price is incredibly low. This way the woman doesn’t even have to spend on doctor’s fees, hospital charges, traveling expenses etc.

Reasons To Take Birth Control Pills, Besides For Preventing Pregnancy


Many women and girls use birth control pills for it medicinal purposes than for avoiding pregnancy. They are prescribed birth control pills for the pre-menstrual syndrome, period cramps, absent menstrual cycle, polycystic ovarian syndrome [ PCOS], primary ovarian insufficiency [ POI] and for acne vulgaris as well.

Girls who are diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome are usually prescribed birth control as a therapy to lower their hormone levels and regulate their menstrual cycles.

There are two types of contraceptive pills, one is progesterone – only called “mini-pills” and the other [ which is more commonly used] called ‘combination birth control pill’ – such as Ovral or Ovral G etc. These combination contraception tablets are composed of a blend of two synthetic female hormones called progestin and estrogen.

What medical conditions can be treated/ helped with hormonal birth control pills?

  1. Endometriosis :  Most girls afflicted with endometriosis have pelvic pain or cramps during their menstrual cycle. Contraceptive pills are often prescribed continuously to treat endometriosis and they work by temporarily preventing menstrual cycles. Since periods cause pain for someone with endometriosis, stopping the menstruation will usually relieve pelvic pain and cramps.
  1. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome [ PCOS]: An imbalance of hormones which causes acnes, irregular menstrual cycle, and excess hair growth. For women whose periods are too irregular or not at all, birth control pills act to reduce certain hormones in the body to regulate the menstrual cycle. When hormones are at normal level, hair growth and acnes often improve.
  1. Menstrual Cramps: When OTC [ over the counter] medications don’t help with severe cramps, birth control tablets may be the solution since they prevent ovulation and lighten menstrual cycles.
  1. Lack of periods [ amenorrhea] from stress, weight loss or too much exercise:  Contraceptive pills may be given to replace estrogen which assists in regulating menstrual period.Normal weight and Normal estrogen levels are necessary for strong bones. If the absence of periods is triggered by an eating disorder or low weight, the best treatment is to gain weight to a healthy average weight.
  1. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome [ PMS]: Symptoms such as mood swings, weight gain, breast soreness, bloating along with acne can occur up to 2 weeks before a young women’s periods. Oral contraceptives may be prescribed to prevent ovulation and keep the levels of hormones balanced. The symptoms may get better, especially when hormonal birth control pills like Ovral L or Yasmin are taken.
  1. Heavy menstrual cycles – Contraception tablets can reduce the amount of menstrual bleeding and the length of the periods as well.
  1. Primary Ovarian Insufficiency [ POI] –Contraceptive pills are generally prescribed to women who have ovaries that cannot produce enough estrogen due to a genetic condition [ e.g. Turner Syndrome], radiation and or chemotherapy etc. The aim of this treatment is to regulate the periods and keep the bones healthy
  1. Acne Vulgaris –From severe to moderate acne, that cannot be treated/ cured by over the counter/ prescription medication can be prescribed birth control pills. Since much skin problems are a result of hormonal imbalance, the pills can help stop acne from forming. You will have to be patient though because it takes a number of months for contraceptive pills to work.
  1. Other medicinal advantages –As taking birth control pills lessens the menstrual bleeding, you are less likely to get anemia [ low red blood cells – which carry oxygen to the tissues from the lungs]. Many women buy Ovral contraceptive pills to decrease their chances of getting ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer and for endometrium cancer all the while preventing pregnancy as well.

Women Are Having Self-Induced Medical Abortion At Home.


Millions of women globally seek abortive services and medicines, in spite of having restrictive laws, which make access difficult for them. One of the major global abortive services has also begun a project so that women from anywhere can buy abortion kit online and end the pregnancy at home. Similarly, many websites run by women’s rights groups ensure that suitable drug is reached to those who are in need. The process is being led by careful evaluation by a physician to determine if there is a legalized need for the medicines.

What does it involve?

Following the consultation, usually, a parcel of MTP Kit abortion kit is shipped at her given residence address. Besides the abortion drugs, there are instructions- guidebook accompanying on how to safely and rightly use these medications, what to expect during and after the process and when to look for remedial help immediately if needed. A number of such online pharmacies provide the help lines given in a case of any additional queries.

Using oral Mifepristone followed by buccal Misoprostol is typically safe and has a recorded success rate of 97-98%. In actual fact, the majority of females do not choose a surgical method and terminate their pregnancies early with this drug combination. Additionally, the study supports the claims that first-trimester pregnancy can be safely aborted at home as long as the patient carefully reads and follow the guidelines and have an access to an emergency care (in case if there is a complication).

Things you must do:

If you buy abortion pills, it is assumed that you already have taken the pregnancy test. As a result, the responsibility of taking precautions and confirming the pregnancy is up to the women.

Hence, to have a medical abortion at home, a woman should:

  • Confirm that your pregnancy is within 10 weeks of conception (70 days).
  • You do not have an IUD in place.
  • You don’t have a medical history or health issues regarding- liver, heart, kidney, or blood pressure, etc.
  • You are not allergic to drug combination (Mifepristone and Misoprostol).
  • No one is forcing you to abort.

Some critics may have tried to shut such websites; but, the majority has come in support to offer females with essential tools to get out of a difficult embarrassing situation. In a lot of countries, the customs regulations even allow these medicines to be sent as long they are in small quantities.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged Mifepristone drug as a necessary drug for women’s health.  A lot of medical professionals have even confirmed that denying access to pregnancy terminations increases anxiety problems in females.


Practically, it is proven that medically done abortion is one of the safest processes. The campaigns and projects done by women’s rights and pro-choice groups are carried so that the millions of females worldwide, who have turned to back-alley clinics, are saved by pregnancy termination drugs. It is being surveyed that out of 42 million women globally who opt to terminate, 20 million do not have safe access. Thus, internet pharmacies and services like this help so that these women have a safer way of the solution.

Medical Abortion Facts

Buy abortion pills online

Most women things abortion can only be done surgical which is long and tedious process but Due to Lack of Awareness Most Women don’t know there is a secondary option i.e. medical .In today’s world  you can buy abortion pills online through various online pharmacies. Here are 9 facts you should know before going for medical abortion:

Medical abortion pill is eligible for women who are in earliest stage of pregnancy (not matured past 10 weeks of gestation).

3 Steps are used for Medical abortion.

  1.  Step 1: Mifepristone prohibits the progesterone receptor which inhibits its mechanism within 24 hrs, later misoprostol is taken bucally its is ulterotonic in nature and induces contraction. Women who use mifepristone/misoprostol will have a complete abortion.
  2. Step two: But for some women after taking pill have an incomplete abortion, procedure called suction is done to remove fetus.
  3. Step Three :  After 2 weeks it should be made certain abortion is completed, if it’s not it is better to remove through surgical method. Some women can expect bleeding up to 16 days too.
  4. After Medical Abortion most women get the regular menstrual cycle in 8 weeks. Its better to use Plan b after regular cycle starts.
  5. In Medical abortion, there is heavy bleeding, gastrointestinal discomfort, dizziness, weakness, chills and headaches due to this some women feel surgical abortion is good fori.
  6. Its is better to opt for Medical abortion than surgical. According to research, an average of more than two women dies every day in the U.S. due after effects of pregnancy.
  7. Millions of women use abortion pill due to privacy and safety of your health. Medical abortion has been approved in United Kingdom and Sweden, France and China From 1988 – 90. It’s now licensed for use in 37 countries.
  8. Most Doctors have either have no training or limited knowledge about Medical Abortion But know due to awareness women are open to medical abortion. Nowadays websites like abortionpillx are giving pills, consultation and aftercare which gives confidence to women to make decision about their body .