How to Avert Spotting on Oral Contraceptive?

Uneven spotting often referred as breakthrough bleeding, is usually takes place for the initial few months after beginning a new pack of Oral contraceptive tablets.The spotting normally engages only a small amount of blood and regularly does not need the use of a feminine hygiene product, like tampons or sanitary pads. If the problem persists, consult your physician.

Expect Spotting for the first few months:

Spotting often takes place for the first 3-4 months after beginning Ovral birth control pills for the first time. This is as well the case if you have been on birth control pills like Ovral, Ovral L, Ovral g, etc. in the past, took a break, and now have resumed this form of birth control.

The clinical use of the term ‘spotting’ refers to episodes of slight bleeding, which do not need the use of a tampon or pad. The term “breakthrough bleeding” commonly signifies a level of bleeding, which needs the use of a product. But, these terms can be misleading as they are often used interchangeably, even in the medical literature.

•   Taking your pills appropriately:

Develop a schedule, which works for you to assist regulate your cycle. Constantly taking contraceptive tablets at the same time every day diminishes the incidence of spotting.

Changing the time by a few hours is normally okay, however, if you change your dose by four hours or more, then you are changing how your body takes up the contraceptive tablets and naturally produces hormones.

This may lead to spotting. It may as well reduce the usefulness of the Ovral l birth control pills, which can raise your temporary opportunities of becoming pregnant.
Pick a time, which is suitable and that is the most probable to time you will keep in mind. Try taking before going to bed, in the morning when you brush your teeth, or at another time when you consistently carried out other everyday activities such as taking shower or going for your morning walk.

If you don’t like the time you picked and want to adjust, wait until you begin the next new pack. Regulate your scheduled dose time with a fresh pack to be sure you do not compromise the way the pills work in your body. Adjusting your time mid-cycle can increase your chances of spotting and get pregnant too.

Be prepared in case you miss a pill:

After you buy Ovral G, consult your physician in advance to be sure you know you would miss the pill. For spotting or breakthrough bleeding that can take place, missing the pill is a common reason.

If you miss a tablet, consult your physician when to take the missed dose and if additional protection is required to avert pregnancy.

But, these questions do not have simple replies. The answers differ depending on three primary factors. The factors consist of the type of pills you are taking, where you are in your cycle when you, miss the pill, and if you missed more than one pill in a row.