What to expect when starting birth control pills for the first time ?

Most adult women wish to enjoy their sex lives without having to worry about pregnancy. In such situations using birth control pills is the most optimum solution that is undertaken by most women. If the person is going to buy Ovral G or other birth control pill for the first time, then there are some things that they need to expect prior to consuming the contraceptive.

What are birth control pills?

Contraceptive pills are hormonal method of birth control. They contain a combination of two synthetic female hormones named estrogen and progestin.

These hormones work together to delay the ovulation and stop the fertilization and implantation by various methods.

The content of hormones in these pills increase along the process, so that the ovulation is prevented. The quality of the estrogen and progestin heightens so [ by the pills] that they block the production of any other hormones that are necessary to ripen the egg.

Due to this, the time when you buy ovral online, the menstruation cycle doesn’t take place. Whether you buy Ovral L online or elsewhere, or even if you get any other brand of pills [which are combined contraceptive] most of them have a very good safety profile. Even so, they do not provide protection against pregnancy as soon as they are taken. This is why, it is advised to use an additional birth control method for at least the initial 14 days and then it is safe to use it singularly.

Missed dosage

It is important to remember that missing a dose occasionally can lower the pill’s effectiveness significantly. There is 30 times more chance of getting pregnant if you have missed dosages compared to perfect use of contraceptive pills. As per research, pregnancy risk is 9% if you miss a pill every now and then.

Initial months of adjustment

The initial three months of using contraceptive pills can be difficult. In most cases, it takes time for an individual’s body to adjust. Many women experience negative side effects in the beginning. In many cases experiencing bleeding during the first month is very common. With change bleeding it is common to have unexpected spotting even if you are not officially on your menstrual cycle. Meanwhile, the opposite can happen to, that is the women will stop menstruating altogether.

Some symptoms that you may experience include breast tenderness, weight gain/loss, nausea, mild headaches, dizziness etc.

In general, these symptoms normally stop after 3 months, if they don’t then you may want to visit a clinic. You may want to stick to a birth control brand for at least two-three months to comprehend how your body reacts to the pill.

Why birth control pill fail?

Before you buy Ovral online or buy ovral G or any other birth control pills, make sure that you aren’t taking certain medications or supplements that will affect the effectiveness of the pills. Even if you are starting out with birth control or are already on it since months, you have to inform your doctor if you are going to add something in your routine. If you have doubts you may even use an additional method contraceptive.

Have a Healthy Life … !!