How Can Drinking And Smoking Affect During Medical Abortion?

Symptoms of MenopauseYour body undergoes a lot of strain during the abortion procedure. Having a bad lifestyle interfere with these stressful changes can only worsen your experience. You can now easily buy Misoprostol and Mifepristone online and also learn about the various safety aspects of abortion. To be in your best health should be your aim when you plan on terminating your pregnancy. And thus, alcohol and smoking are advised against.

How can drinking or smoking affect my abortion?

A physical examination, apart from the stage of your pregnancy, determines your eligibility for a medical abortion. Smoking and drinking are widely known to cause diseases of the heart, liver, and lungs. They might hence deem you ineligible for a medical abortion in the first place.

As an individual, you are expected to be in complete consciousness while taking the abortion pills. When you buy abortion pills, be sure to check for the guidelines and precautions. Prescriptions for these drugs come with highly specific dosages and complex regimens. Alcohol might cause temporary unsteadiness and lower your conscious decision-making abilities. This way, you are highly prone to dosing errors.

Nicotine, the component of cigarettes that keeps its users from quitting smoking, also has a serious impact on the brains of these smokers. This leads to mood swings, irritability, and anxiety, none of which are good for women undergoing a pregnancy termination procedure.

Smoking clogs your arteries causing an increased blood pressure. It, along with alcohol abuse, also poses a risk of spontaneous abortions as shown in a number of cases. It is highly risky to progress with medical termination of pregnancy in such situations.

How can I abstain from these?

  • Seek professional help by visiting rehabilitation centers
  • Engage in other activities and pursue hobbies to keep yourself distracted.
  • Avoid smoking or drinking triggers. Discard whatever you associate with these activities.
  • Stay positive and focus on personal health development. Take up to meditation/yoga.
  • Eat healthily. Chew gum or hard candy to keep cravings away.
  • Learn to say no when you are offered a smoke or a drink.

Can I resume these activities after abortion?

Clinicians are unanimous about the repercussions of these activities in the post-abortive phase.

Alcohol dilates blood vessels and can cause heavier bleeding and thus greater blood loss. It also prevents clotting of blood which is really unintended if some serious accident comes your way. Alcohol also has the ability to interact with antibiotics prescribed to prevent infection making you more susceptible to infections.

Smoking has equally harmful effects on your body. It is best to not go back to smoking or drinking if you could successfully stay away from them. However, if you do wish to resume, it is better to wait for a complete recovery. This period is usually 4-8 weeks but your specific case can only be told by your doctor through the follow-ups.