How Long After You Start Taking Birth Control Pill Is Effective ?

birth control pill

Birth control medication is an effective way of contraception that helps prevent pregnancy. If administered properly, the pill gets up to 99.9% effective. The man-made estrogen and progestin hormones are used in contraceptives which create hindrance in the development of ovulation, ultimately causing pregnancy prevention. However, the time taken for these pills to work is still unknown to many. This blog emphasizes the effectiveness of birth control medication while revealing the time taken by drugs to start working.


Most women begin their birth control dosage the day after their period starts, however, ideally it is more effectual if you begin your dosage on the first day of the menstrual period. Medication may require time to function effectively to prevent pregnancy.

The medication functions in three phases which are as follow:

  • Ovulation prevention
  • Cervical mucus being thickened
  • Creating a barrier to uterine lining

This reduces the chances of implantation ultimately preventing pregnancy.


Monophasic pills: These pills provide the same dose of hormone while used in one-month cycles. You get your regular menstrual period when you’re in the last week of the dosage cycle. Tablets taken during this week are inactive and they allow menstrual discharge to pass.

Multiphasic pills: These pills are administered in the one-month cycle while providing hormone at different levels. Like other medications, you get a menstrual period during the last week dosage.

Extended-cycle pills: These are thirteen-week cycle pills. This includes active twelve-week active pills and the cycle ends in the third month. You get your regular period in the last week of dosage. If you administer these pills throughout the year, your menstrual cycle will occur thrice or four times in a year.

Time Frame

When you buy Ovral and start the contraceptive combination during your menstrual period or within a week of an abortion, the effectiveness of pills would begin immediately. However, you have begun the birth control dosage at some other time, it is advisable to have a backup option of contraception until your next menstrual period starts.

Effective Pills:

A global survey suggests Ovral, Ovral G, Ovral L are the most used birth control pills across the globe.  The pills are said to be reliable, effective and a practical option when you’re looking for an affordable contraception method to prevent pregnancy. Besides, you can easily find these pills online which makes it easier to purchase and administer birth control medication.


The directions to improve the effectiveness of birth control pills enable hormones in the drug to function in your body and avert ovulation. Most physicians suggest taking the pill on the first day of periods to ensure that the ovulation hasn’t already begun. If it has, you could buy abortion pills to terminate a pregnancy at earliest and then start the birth control medication.