Menstrual Period following an Abortion Procedure

Women who have experienced pregnancy termination often speculate when their body will return to normal. As to be predictable, the abnormal levels of stress in the woman ultimately affects the menstrual period that causes changes in the monthly cycle after getting the abortion.

As a result, in some cases, it takes more than a few months for the normal menstrual period to return, while for others it returns quite rapidly. In spirit, the time needed for the usual menstrual cycle to return back depends upon how far along the pregnancy was when the female got it aborted. It as well depends upon the type of process you are undergoing, whether it is abortion pill pack or surgery.

When a woman makes the choice to abort, it is regularly a stressful condition for her. Thus abnormal levels of stress can affect the female’s menstrual period, causing changes in the monthly periods after the abortion. In some cases, it takes many months for the female to have their cycles back to normal after termination; in the meantime, others have them quite quickly. In general, the periods return back to normal after 4 to 6 weeks of abortion.

In-General information regarding pregnancy termination:

Abortion is when the pregnancy is ended at a very early stage or in first trimesters. When the individual takes abortion pills or goes through surgery, the body detects that the fetus is not showing normal growth. Thus, the body will eliminate the fetal remnants or a physician may eradicate it. This unexpected loss of pregnancy confuses the body and consequences the hormones to go out of the control.

As a result, your body may require some time for it to go back to usual. When pregnancy is aborted properly in the appropriate situation, the risk of any complication is very less. You may undergo several side effects such as nausea, fever, weakness, vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea, chills, etc.

If you buy abortion pills online, you can get side effects management tablets too- such as anti-emetic medicine, blood coagulant medicines, and painkiller.

When does the menstrual cycle return?Following a pregnancy termination process, your ovulation cycle must take place within 7 to 10 days and likewise, your periods must begin within 4 to 8 weeks.

Surgical procedure:
If the pregnancy was terminated in the first trimester, i.e. up to 10 weeks, then the menstrual period must come back in 4 to 10 weeks after an abortion.

Medical procedure:
Pregnancy termination through abortive medications, you must expect heavier menstrual cycle than regular in the first cycle of the process.

What happens during your initial period after the abortion?

During this cycle, the first priority of your body is to eradicate every remnant of pregnancy that is gone. The pregnancy remains includes the embryonic tissues along with other wastage from the embryo that is seen by the heavy bleeding. A woman may consider this as her first menstrual cycle following the procedure. It may occur within few days or it may take few weeks.

In such situation, you may not go through the heavy bleeding. Your regular menstrual period may be overdue for a few weeks because your system waits for the hormones to set in. After an abortion uneven menstrual period might be heavier and less hurting than a usual one.

Alike to the majority of people, you could get well from a termination process in a few days, if everything is done as recommended. It is advised nevertheless to contact a professional in case the cramps and heavy bleeding goes on for over 24 hours after the abortion. In fact, a fever can be a sign of complication that is keeping you away from full recovery.

Things to keep in mind:

While checking for pregnancy if you are using pregnancy test kit, remember that the pregnancy hormone [hCG] doesn’t leave the body until at least 4 weeks.

Understand that though menstrual period takes time after a pregnancy termination, your ovulation cycle already begins a week after terminating a pregnancy. As a result, even if you did not have a period, you can still get pregnant.
Thus it is vital to keep in mind to have contraception while you carry on sexual intercourse.