What Does the Color of Your Menstrual Blood Indicate?

Menstrual Cycle

Irregular menstruation is taken as a serious concern by women but never the color of their menstrual blood. When you’re in the menstruating years, the color of your blood is an interest of several indications. A woman must know which color is alarming and which one is not a worrisome issue. Here’s a guide for your menstruation color and what every color indicates.

Bright Red: Bright red typically indicates that the blood is fresh or new blood. You notice this when you’re experiencing a heavy blood flow. This shade can possibly remain the whole cycle if the uterine shedding is consistent. Heavy blood flow should not be a reason to worry.

Dark Red: This type of shade is commonly noticed in the morning when women first pass the urine on their cycle. You may also see this in during the middle of your menstrual period. This is a kind of blood stuck in the uterus for pretty long.

Brown: Blood typically turns brown after a while and hence, if your blood is brown in color, it is nothing but old blood. This type of blood is noticed at the end of the period cycle. Women having very light bleeding may experience this since blood takes time to exit your body. If you’re experiencing this during every cycle, it may concern to be taken seriously. In such a case visit your physician at earliest.

Be watchful of following colors

Orange: Orange blood is normal when mixed with cervical mucus. Having said that, orange blood can be a concern for an infection. It is advised to consult your physician if the case is regular.  

Gray: You’ll perhaps experience a foul, necrotic stench along with the oddly grey color of your blood. It may indicate an infection or a miscarriage. Rare cases are a result of an STD infection. Immediately visit your physician/doctor if you notice either of above symptoms.  

Pink: Pink blood is a reaction to low estrogen levels in the body. However, it is another commonly found color of menstruation. You may observe this type of blood more often if your exercises are too intense or you’re new to workouts.

However, you should be alert if it occurs in the middle of your menstrual cycle. It can possibly be a sign of the first trimester of your pregnancy. If the pregnancy is unwanted and you wish to terminate it, you can immediately consult your doctor and buy abortion pills for at earliest. It could indicate other health issues such as PCOS or other hormonal disorders.

Some other facts about your menstruation blood color:

Irregular Menstruation: Typically, the menstruation cycle is 21-35 days. Bleeding between periods or long menstrual period cycle isn’t normal and you should consult gynac in any such case.

Regularly irregular: The change in the menstrual color should not worry you unless it’s orange, gray or consistently pink.  Constant heavy bleeding during menstruation can possibly indicate anemia. Your physician periods may help you with medication for less heavy periods.

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