What To Do If I Am In Pain After My Abortion With Pills


What to do if i am in pain after my abortion with pillsFeeling discomfort after pregnancy termination by medication is normal. You will experience contractions type of pain as well as cramping while you are expelling the pregnancy. This can last for several hours and in some cases, it may even last several days, until the conception tissues have passed. Although many women pass the pregnancy in 24-48 hours, some can take up to 2 weeks after taking the abortion pills.

After taking Misoprostol Tablets [ second dosage]

You will experience bleeding and cramping, even though this might not happen straight away. It is very necessary that you use sanitary pads and not tampons to avoid infection.

  • You will be recommended to take pain relief in the form of either Ibuprofen or paracetamol. You can apply a warm water bottle or a warm pad to your abdomen if this makes you more comfortable.
  • You are advised not to take Aspirin
  • The abdominal cramps may get stronger; this, however, is the normal part of the abortion process.
  • Most times the pregnancy is passed into the toilet, so you may not see it particularly, as it may only appear as a blood clot.
  • Bleeding may get heavier and you may pass blood clots. This is typically at the time you will begin to lose your pregnancy.
  • After taking misoprostol pills you will experience some side effects such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and chills. The onset of these symptoms can begin fairly soon after taking the medications. Therefore, if you are doing this at a clinic, you need to plan your journey home. On the other hand, if you are doing this at home, make sure you have everything you need with you.
  • Once the pregnancy has passed, the bleeding decreases and becomes akin to a slightly heavier period. It may continue to be quite heavy for at least a day or two, as the uterus needs to contract and return to its normal size. It the heavy bleeding prolongs more than two days, or if you soak two or more pads in two hours or more, please immediately call for medical attention.
  • Once you have taken both the medication from the MTP abortion kit and the pregnancy has passed the pain will stop momentarily. However, as pregnancy hormones start to decrease during the next ten days, the pain will return as the uterus shrinks back to its original size. This pain may be fluctuating or be constant for anywhere up to two weeks.

In all the above cases you may do the following –

  1. Painkillers–Take pain killers which you can purchase over the counter. If you buy abortion pill pack online, you may receive the painkiller in the pack itself with abortive meds.
  2. Heat – place a hot water bottle or a warm heating pad on the lower abdominal area, which can help with pain relief. Nevertheless, make sure you don’t place the bottle or the heating pad directly on the skin so that you can avoid getting burned. Also, make a note to avoid baths and take shower instead of after medical abortion.
  3. Distraction – Have someone to talk with you to distract you from discomfort