Women’s Take On Abortion Pills

Abortion can be a critical decision in a woman’s life, she has to set her priorities and make the right decision that would suit her lifestyle. A number of women across the world choose to buy abortion pills to terminate their unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. The reason may differ, but they come on the similar ground when it comes to family planning. While others have started taking birth control pills.

Here are some of the women who shared their experiences about the Abortion Pills and Birth Control Pills.

Julia Barbosa Costa, California

I had protected intercourse with my husband, although the condom broke and unfortunately we were one of those rare couples who face such issues and I ended up getting pregnant. I decided to buy MTP kit onlineThis website is very meticulous when it comes to customers preference and we could see that through the careful packaging with which it arrived. I was already well informed about the procedure as your support team had already given the instructions.

My experience starts like this :

The kit contained two medications mainly Mifepristone (200 mg) while the other one was Misoprostol (200 mg each). I took the first pill, mifepristone orally with some water. My day went a bit here and there with some work from home. (I wasn’t feeling nauseous or a headache and that’s why I could work).

Following next day, I took 4 pills of misoprostol. I was already briefed about the after effects. As expected, I started bleeding heavily after 5 hours. I even puked twice. I spend most of the time either in bed or in the bathroom. It finally stopped on the 4th day and gave me a hint that my fetus parts are now removed from the body, although there was some sort of tiredness which continued for another 3-4 days. I would say the whole process took one week to get complete but it showed the needed results. My husband was with me through my thick and thin and that’s how I could complete the process.   

Julia J. Montgomery, American

I have two beautiful kids with the elder one being 11 years old. We did not want to have another kid as we were not financially stable and mentally prepared for it. But it all happened in the hit of the moment and we forgot to use protection. I was pregnant with 7 weeks of gestation.

To find a solution, I did some research on the internet and that’s how I found this website. I had to buy misoprostol and mifepristone online tablets from this site as soon as I learned about abortion medication.

Nausea and Heavy bleeding were the major two symptoms that I had to face while undergoing the medication. I soaked 4 maxi pads a day and it followed for 3 days. After then the bleeding had lowered down. To recover the blood loss, I was continuously on hydrating drinks and fruits.

I went to the doctor after 15 days to confirm my abortion results and was happy to know that it was successful.

Perla Ritsema, Martinsburg

I got pregnant with my ex-boyfriend which was the most humiliating thing ever happened to me. Frustrated, I was wondering where to head for an abortion, I finally started searching online. I landed on this website through a blog about medical abortion. After confirming its genuineness I decided to buy Cytolog online, so bought 12 pills of it. The first course started in the morning with 4 medicines being taken buccally, 2×2 medicines in each cheek pockets. I repeated this twice with an interval of 4 hours. It resulted in heavy bleeding like periods. After 20 days, I performed a preg test and confirmed my successful abortion.

Alicia Aird, Australia

I stay with my husband while I’m a mother of a cute monster and we are a happy family. Realizing the burden of added responsibilities I decided not to have another child this soon and hence I decided to buy Ovral G from this site. I’m using it for past 3 months and I’m very happy with its effectiveness. 

These are some of the valuable feedback from our customers. We value the “LIFE” but also agree that having an abortion in critical situations is not a crime but a practical step against unwanted pregnancies. So, step up to your #Healthy #Living by using the right information and proper guidance.

After all, A Healthy Life matters…!!