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Termination of Pregnancy results into less child suffering

Termination of Pregnancy results into less child suffering
Indirectly, it is impossible to say that every pregnancy is a bed of roses. A female who is pregnant might have many complications. A few fetuses have serious disorders, which may cause the future child to face hardships or have a painful life; some may even include problems that will lead to death

21 Sep 2017

Tips For Having A Quick Recovery After Medical Abortion

Tips For Having A Quick Recovery After Medical Abortion
After an uncomplicated pregnancy termination, there is a certain time period your body takes to heal itself. The recovery procedure is different for different women and will depend upon the gestation age when the pregnancy was terminated, the physical condition of the woman etc. While most wome

12 Jul 2017

5 Tips To Help Your Friend Who’s Having A Pregnancy Termination

5 Tips To Help Your Friend Who’s Having A Pregnancy Termination
Pregnancy Termination support is not, basically, about how you as a person feel regarding the procedures with abortion pills pack and what you did do in that situation; it’s about supporting your friend throug

27 Jun 2017

World Wide Shipping Of Abortion Pills


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Mifeprex is one of the proficient abortion medicines which consist of only one hormone, i.e. Mifepristone. This is a synthetic steroid possess an anti-progesterone activity. The tablet is responsible to terminate the unwanted pregnancy not be more than 70 days. It acts by blocking the release of progesterone (a female hormone that is needed for sustaining pregnancy for 9 months).

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Action Mechanism of Mifeprex:

The medication, Mifeprex possess an anti progesterone effect. It blocks the release of progesterone that is necessary to carry on the pregnancy for 9 months. It performs in various steps:

  • Stops the production of progesterone by blocking its receptor
  • Endometrium lining begins to shed
  • Ripening and Softening of cervix
  • Vaginal bleeding takes place
  • Eject the uterine contents

Dosage and Mode of Administration:

The safer and prescribed dosage of Mifeprex is to be administered. One pill of 200mg is to be consumed orally with a glass of water, without having the meal.

After 1-2 days, the patient must administer the 4 tablets of Misoprostol for abortion, thus after 14 days of the procedure an ultrasound should be done. To check weather pregnancy has terminated successfully or not.

Contradiction of Mifeprex:

The tablet should not be recommended in some medical and non medical conditions to the patients-

  • Allergic to generic Mifepristone
  • If ectopic pregnancy is confirmed
  • If any contraceptive device is placed
  • Long term use of anticoagulant or corticosteroid therapy
  • Chronic adrenal disorder
  • Hepatic disorder
  • Inherited porphyrias
  • Cardio vascular disease
  • Bleeding disorders like anemia or leukemia

Side effects of Mifeprex:

There are some effects which are very rare and get away in short span on their own. These side effects include:

  • Pain in stomach, pelvic and back
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Swelling of tongue, face or lips
  • Abdominal Cramping
  • Tiredness
  • Dizziness

Precautions for Mifeprex:

Some safety measures need to be considered while taking the medication, which are:

  • For fast recovery of health or blood loss, eat nutritive and healthy diet.
  • Shun sexual intercourse for few weeks after abortion as it may increase the risk of conceiving.
  • Do not uplift heavy objects and heavy physical exercises as it may cause pelvic pain because of heavy pressure on the pelvic region.
  • The tablet is unhealthy for breastfeeding mother, as the medicine passes into the breast. This may be harmful to the mother as well as her child.
  • Avoid doing heavy machinery work or indulging into physical exertion after administration for some time. This is because dizziness may occur after taking the drug that affects the thinking and visual ability of the women too.
  • Do not have excessive alcohol consumption as it may enhance the depressant effects of the dosage form and also causes hypotensive effects.
  • This drug is not useful for preventing or curing the sexually transmitted diseases like HIV.
  • While using Mifeprex pill, patient must remove the contraceptive device, such as IUD or any other. Thus, should not place the device while administering the dosage form.
  • Women should avoid spicy or oily food or any other medicines along with Mifeprex as it may lessen the impact level of the tablet and may lead to health problems. Pregnancy Termination is such where a woman needs to take a complete rest.

Do not take pills if:

  • Your pregnancy is of more than 10weeks of conception.
  • You are suffering from severe complications.
  • You are allergic to some medicines, foodstuffs or any other.
  • You are already practicing certain medicines.
  • You are a chain smoker or smoke beyond 10 cigarettes per day.
  • Your age is more than 35 years.

Orlene Bouchard

Mifeprex abortion pill saved me from motherhood, which I did not want right away! Thankyou you guyz so much.

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Hope Willliams

Many thanks for Mifeprex pill delivery on time. I was already in 7th week, and needed the pill desperately. Had few bad stomach cramps that I cannot forget, and bleeding was profuse, but abortion was complete. That was what I aimed for, thanks once again

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Theresa Williams

I bought Mifeprex in place of Mifepristone, with Cytolog since I felt more comforted by its brand status. The procedure went well; I guess it does live up to its brand name!

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