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Ovral G

The medication Ovral G is an oral contraception, composed of synthetic hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Theses hormones avert pregnancy and allow you to stay off conceiving a child even after sexual intercourse, if the dosage is taken appropriately. The Ovral G regimen is followed for 21 or 28 days, depending upon personal preferences.

0.5mg/0.05mg (Ovral G)
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Remember the pills do cause abortion, or stop pregnancy, if the baby is already conceived. Also, it does not protect against infections or STDs. It is solely prepared as a birth control pill for women. Ovral G is a type of contraception work as non-invasive method, especially for those who wish to plan their pregnancy before, and carry on having care-free intercourse.

Composition and Working of Ovral G:

The pill starts working by averting ovulation due to which the ovaries cant give our mature eggs. When there are no mature eggs, it does not let sperm to fertilize any. Ovral G pill thicken cervix consistency, prohibiting sperm interrelating with ovum.

The procedure of implantation is broken down with modification of uterine endometrial lining, which is supposed to hold the embryo. Bleeding starts after the end of pill course of 21 days, or following 21 days in 28 day medication cycle.

Ovral G ingredients and packaging:

The contraceptive pill has active ingredients of synthetic hormones, such as Estrogen (0.03mg) and Progestin (0.05mg). These hormones work equally together to give protection from unwanted pregnancy after an intercourse.

The birth control pack comes in 21 or 28 day pack. In 21 day course kit, there are 21 active birth control pills. A 28 day kit contains 21 birth control pills and 7 placebos medicines. The placebo pills do not prevent pregnancy.

Ovral G dosage requirement:

A woman must take Ovral G orally with water of an active pill daily at the same time. In a 28 day course, females should start with a new pack from the 29th day, even if she is bleeding. Following 21days, she has to take the placebo pills, orally on each day for 7 days.

In 21 day pack, you must take a pill everyday at same time. When 21 days gets over, you must stop having any hormonal birth control. From 29th day, you must start new pack of the Ovral G tablet to prevent pregnancy further.

Ovral G mechanism:

For pregnancy to take place, mature eggs must be available for mating with sperm. The estrogen and progestin hormones in Ovral 28 tablet disrupt menstrual period in women by averting ovaries in releasing any mature eggs, thus suppressing ovulation. In order to meet eggs, sperms must pass through cervix that does not occur, if the person is on contraceptive medicines. The fertilization is ceased by thickening cervix. The ovral tablet also averts growth of uterine lining that supports the fertilized eggs. Therefore, if any egg is fertilized, it cant be held in the womb. This prevents pregnancy completely.

Side effects:

Not every woman who takes these pills comes across the side effects. But still few women might experience some common side effects, such as spotting, breast pain/tenderness, breakthrough bleeding, abdominal pain, nausea, headache, mood swing, etc. None of these are harmful.

Ovral G precautions:

  • Avoid having the pills, if you are allergic to this medication, have high blood pressure, heart complications, neurological disorders, et
  • Drinking and Smoking alcohol should not be done.
  • Females with suspected pregnancy, with bleeding and uterine disorders should not use this tablet.
  • Suffering from diabetes, otosclerosis (an ear disorder), heart attack, history of carcinoma for endometrial and breasts.

Leonor Barros Ferreira, London

I have completed my 2 years of marriage successfully. I and my husband mutually decided to take few years gap to plan for a child. So, we went for the Ovral by our Gynec's recommendation. And I especially want to thank you for guiding me through the procedure of order this pills. I am cured and safe from unwanted pregnancy for the last 1 year.

  • Rating  

Luca Hipkiss

It was extremely useful and FDA approved and not fakes however at first I thought it was a cheat. I have finish trust on them as each time I purchase Ovral G for conception prevention for my wife, it never comes up short to us in delivery the pills on time. Now, we are totally relaxed from unwanted pregnancy.

  • Rating  

Maria R. Tang

After my first abortion, I and my husband decided to use precautions at least for some years. Because I had an abortion surgically, which was very painful. By our Gynec's recommendation, we ordered Ovral G birth control pills. Must say the team is fast in shipping and now we both can do sexual intercourse without having any worry...!! Thank you, guys.

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Kim Smith

I took Ovral G for the third time from Abortionpillx, because I am highly satisfied the way they provide service as well as it makes me get total control over pregnancy. I never get pregnant during the usage of Ovral G pills.

  • Rating  

Caitlyn Fisk

It was very helpful, fortunately not fake though at first I thought it was...!! I put complete trust on them as every time I buy Ovral G for birth control, it never fails me in providing their services in time. Now when I involve for sexual intercourse, I never worry about anything.

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