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Ovral L

Ovral L is a hormonal birth control pill. By design, it is composed of two synthetic female hormones named progestin and estrogen, both in low doses. They are sufficient to enough to block conception through various mechanisms all the while keeping the side effects to the minimum. Ovral L has some collateral benefits such as reducing menstrual cramps and regularizing periods. It is also advantageous in treating acne vulgaris.

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Ovral L ingredients and packaging

Ovral L tablets contain synthetic estrogen called "Eithnyl Estradiol" and synthetic progestin called "Levonorgestrel".

Ovral L comes in two blister packs, one of 28 pills and the other of 21 pills.

Ovral 21- This pack contains 21 active ingredients containing tablets.

Ovral-28- This pack too contains 21 active tablets; however additionally, it also includes 7 non-active placebo pills.

These additional non-active tablets are given for women who want to keep the habit of taking one pill each day without the seven-day break like with Ovral-21.

These placebo pills are different in color than active pills so they can be easily recognized.

Ovral L Dosage and Administration

  • For woman starting pack for the first time, it recommended to start on the first day of menses.
  • Meanwhile, those who are already on the birth control can start precisely 7 days after the last active pill was taken or immediately after the last placebo pill was taken- never minding the withdrawal bleeding.
  • Each active ingredient containing pill is taken roughly at the same time every day.
  • Placebo pills are only started after all active pills are finished.

Ovral L - Mechanism

There are two hormones called LH and FSH that are in a continuous loop and act on the ovaries and the uterus. The FSH [ Follicle-stimulating hormone] progressively thickens and prepares the uterine lining for receiving the matured egg or zygote. In the meantime, LH [ luteinizing hormones] influences the proliferation of ovaries mid-cycle to release the egg for fertilization.

When the combination of estrogen and progestin enter the body through the pill, they flood the blood stream and block gonadotrophic hormones FSH and LH, which prevents ovulation.

Additionally, the endometrium lining is made unnaturally ripe and soggy, therefore creating an obstacle for proper implantation of the egg.

The natural existing mucus present in the cervix is also thickened by the hormones introduced by the Ovral L tablet which results in inhibiting the sperm movement towards the egg, thus preventing fertilization.

What is withdrawal bleeding?

When such a combination of hormones enters the body for straight 21 days, the absence is abrupt on the 22nd day [ when 7-day break starts]. Just as an artificial ripening of the endometrium lining is formed in the presence of the hormones, in their absence, the uterine lining is shed. Therefore, the artificially created bleeding at the end of the pills course is called withdrawal bleeding.

Possible side effects of Ovral L

Women taking birth control for an extended period of time may experience some side effects such as vomiting, nausea, headache, breast tenderness, shift in menses, mild spotting. If you experience intense mood changes or weight gain, you can consult a doctor.

Ovral L Missed Dosage

  • If you miss one pill, then take it as soon as you remember. Even if you ingest two pills within 24 hours.
  • If the delay was within 12 hours, then too, take the pill as you remember and take the next dosage at its usual time.
  • If you missed two dosages in a row, then take the last tablet when remembered and then continue with usual dosage- same as administering two pills a day. You must use an additional non-hormonal contraception for seven days.
  • If you miss a placebo pill, there is no need to consume the missed tablet. It will pose no threat of pregnancy.

Nina T. Floyd

The Ovral L birth control pills helped me a lot. I needed this when I was suffering from another health diseases, so in that critical condition, I cannot even think to have a child. By the support of my husband, we mutually decided to use precautions rather than suffer from more future health issues. And we ordered Ovral L from Abortionpillx. They shipped the product on time and at a reasonable price. Normally, I use it and now I am relief from an unwanted pregnancy. Thank you, guys.

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Charlene Barnett

I have two children and now we are complete happy family. At this stage, me and my husband do not want to have another child, so after our sexual intercourse, I immediately ordered Ovral L birth control pills. They shipped us on time as well as played a decisive role in the uplift of my Pre- Menstrual Syndrome. Thank you, it is a relaxation for me and family too...!!

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Jay Rose

Successfully tested out Ovral L birth control, and what a relief, it works. Damn good tablets

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