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Termination of Pregnancy results into less child suffering

Termination of Pregnancy results into less child suffering
Indirectly, it is impossible to say that every pregnancy is a bed of roses. A female who is pregnant might have many complications. A few fetuses have serious disorders, which may cause the future child to face hardships or have a painful life; some may even include problems that will lead to death

21 Sep 2017

Tips For Having A Quick Recovery After Medical Abortion

Tips For Having A Quick Recovery After Medical Abortion
After an uncomplicated pregnancy termination, there is a certain time period your body takes to heal itself. The recovery procedure is different for different women and will depend upon the gestation age when the pregnancy was terminated, the physical condition of the woman etc. While most wome

12 Jul 2017

5 Tips To Help Your Friend Who’s Having A Pregnancy Termination

5 Tips To Help Your Friend Who’s Having A Pregnancy Termination
Pregnancy Termination support is not, basically, about how you as a person feel regarding the procedures with abortion pills pack and what you did do in that situation; it’s about supporting your friend throug

27 Jun 2017

World Wide Shipping Of Abortion Pills


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Ovral is a medication combination that consists of estrogens and progestin as main ingredients. The main function of this tablet is to prevent the pregnancy. It is a hormonal way of contraception, which helps in avoidance of unexpected increase to your family and a choice to implement family planning.

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Mechanism of Ovral:

It works by stopping ovulation process in which egg is fertilized and release from ovary. This medicine thickens the mucus in the lining of cervix in the uterus, restricting the sperms from reaching the eggs. This deters the contact of a sperm with an egg, required for fertilization.

In detail,

Particularly, synthetic estrogen in the pill works to:

  • Cease the pituitary gland from producing FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone) to help prevent ovulation.
  • Support the endometrium (uterine lining) to avert breakthrough bleeding mid-cycle.

Whereas, synthetic progestin works to:

  • Cease the pituitary gland from producing LH to help thwart egg release.
  • Turn endometrium inhospitable to a fertilized egg.
  • Partly limit the sperms ability to fertilize egg.
  • Stiffen the cervical mucus to deter sperm movement.

Procedure to start ovral:

If you are using ovral for the first time, begin the medication on the first day of your menstruation.

If you begin your medicine from 2nd to 7th day of your menstrual period, then you will have to use non hormonal method of contraception.

If you have used this medication before, begin these pills on the next day after the last pills of previous pack.

Dosage of ovral to be consumed:

The dosages of ovral usually come in 21day and/or 28 day pack. In 21 day course, one needs to consume one tablet of this medicament, daily at the same time. After this course is completed, you should wait for 7 days to start a fresh pack. No tablet is to be consumed in that 7 days.

In 28day course, a woman must follow the same above regimen for 21 days. After that she needs to take single inactive pill (placebo) at same time in a day, for seven days. Later on, on 8th day you can start with a new pack.

In case any dose of medication is missed, take the pill immediately if 12 hours have not passed. If more than two pills are missed in a week, then have 2 pills on the day you remember and 2 pills on the next day.

The overdose of this medicine, leads to certain side effects:

  • Muscle pain, cramps, and termer
  • Dizziness, drowsiness, and weakness
  • Heavy vaginal Bleeding
  • Nausea, vomiting

If any of the above symptoms takes place, consult to nearest doctors.

Ovral should not be consumed if:

  • You are suffering from focal neurological symptoms.
  • You are allergic to any of the substance like estrogen, progestin, or both.
  • Females undergoing kidney or liver disorder must avoid intake of this medicament.
  • Do not consume this medicine if you have past history of deep-vein thrombophelbitis.

Storage condition of ovral:

  • Ovral should be stored at a room temperature around 25 Celsius.
  • It must be kept away from light, moisture, and heat.
  • Keep reach out of children.

Ursula Faber

I and my boyfriend had unprotected sex that morning, but I was care free as I am already on Ovral birth oral. The medicine is amazing it really works. It always keeps me off from pregnancy. And it did work. So, I ordered few more packs of Ovral here, and use it daily because when in the heat we forget to take precaution.

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Ruby Stewart

I am on regular 28 day dosage cycle of Oval pills. It has been more than a month now that I am not pregnant, but still have intercourse without concerns. I think the product is doing great. Thanks to this website.

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Catherine stewart

I bought Ovral as my GYN recommended it to me, but it was too costly at my store. I was just wondering what I would do when viola! I found this website. Thanks to you I am using birth control, no risk of pregnancy now!

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